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Currently: VFB Business Academy

“”The seminar on senior business coaching has given me relevant and directly applicable knowledge and methods, and I can incorporate this directly into my daily professional work.” Hartmut Deutschmann has inspiringly shared his wealth of experience through his full focus on the learning needs of the group A wonderful tailor-made training for the whole group has been created. “”

Gerrit Quast, Robert Bosch GmbH

Business coaching is not only my profession, but also my passion. What really intrigues me is that fresh new possibilities for looking at issues always open up – when the right questions are asked at the right time.

  • 24 years of intensive experience in the areas of: management, personnel management, project management and concept development in the areas of personnel, sales and marketing in the profit and non-profit sector, business consulting, coaching, start-up and succession consulting
  • Graduate psychologist, occupational and occupational psychologist
  • Lecturer Senior Business Coach Education IHK
  • www.vfb-business-academy.de
  • Grown up in the Black Forest.
  • Early “entrepreneurial experiences” in the family-owned “full-range shop”.
  • Married to an independent woman and father of three self-confident children
  • For 25 years, like in Tübingen at home.
  • Wholehearted coach and consultant.

Business coaching and sparring is individual, cooperative, systemic and results-oriented. This creates a constructive, creative and exciting process. Solutions are developed holistically, professionally and sustainably.

  • Discretion and a sensitive handling of your information is the basis of my cooperation
  • A trusting relationship is for me the basis of the consulting success
  • Time and improvisation pressure is a challenge for me
  • I can listen well, but even better ask the right questions
  • I like to look my opponent in the eye
  • Hard, but honest with direct feedback
  • Courageous and no yes-sager when deciding
  • Executives, including budding management responsible
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed
  • Employees with personnel responsibility
  • Employees with customer contact
  • People in decision-making situations
  • I am interested in decision-making topics, innovative concepts and difficult projects
  • They want to get to know me.
  • We go to dinner together or to an office. This is how our start could look like.
  • You decide for me as a sparring partner.
  • I’m here for you, if you need me.
  • Decision-making processes often have no waiting time scheduled!
  • I come to you.
  • The phone or Skype cuts many ways.
  • Or in my office, many decisions have already been made.


XING ProJobs-Mitglieder

Ihr persönliches Coaching, der nächste Schritt für Ihre Karrieregestaltung.

Wir bieten innovative und maßgeschneiderte Konzepte im Bereich Führung und Vertrieb

Analysieren + Systematisieren + Bewerten + Entscheiden

Business-Coach IHK-Wirtschaftssenioren-

Als ehemaliger Manager, Experte oder Spezialist sind Sie nicht nur Know-how-Träger. Sie wissen auch, wie es sich anfühlt, Mitarbeiter zu führen und/oder essentielle Entscheidungen zu treffen. Das macht Sie für Führungskräfte zu einem Partner auf Augenhöhe.

Anders als Manager, Experte oder Spezialist treffen Businesscoaches jedoch keine Unternehmensentscheidung. Als ehemalige Führungskraft lernen Sie daher in der Businesscoachingausbildung für Wirtschaftssenioren, wie Sie den Entwicklungsprozess Ihres Kunden erfolgreich begleiten 

Mittelstandspreis für soziales Engagement

Wir freuen uns über den Mittelstandspreis LEA 2014 / 2015 / 2016 und 2017 für soziales Engagement des Ministeriums für Finanzen und Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg und der Caritas für das Projekt Aktion-Räuberleiter.

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